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Homemade Sandwich

Our selection of fresh homemade sandwiches is a constant favorite of our customers. Come by to taste and greet.

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Barista kaffe To Go


Always a big hit with our customers. Try it for yourself and find out why our customers just can't stop meeting over our delicious selection of coffees.

Cold drinks

At Country Market you will find a large selection of specialty beers and water from Danish microbreweries. So come in and taste these delicious drinks and enjoy the cafe's amazing atmosphere.

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Our menu card

A little bite to eat


Salmon bun

Organic bun with spinach, salmon, salad

and feta cheese stirred with fresh spices

Price DKK 75

Rye bread with salmon

Smoked salmon with homemade guacamole and mixed salad

on rye bread from Gilleleje

Price DKK 75


Rough ciabatta bread with tomato, beef mozzarella,

baked red onion and homemade pesto with

basil, pine nuts and parmesan cheese

Price DKK 80

Tuna sandwich

Rough ciabatta bread with homemade tuna salad and arugula

Price DKK 80


Grilled panini with homemade pesto, wind-dried beef sausage,

mozzarella, tomato and argula

 Price DKK 80

 Rye bread with chicken

Slices of rye bread from Gilleleje with homemade

guacamole, salat and chicken and smoked peper

Price DKK 80


Chilibagel with truffle ham, salat, homemade guacamole and

french brie

Pris 80 kr.


Salmon salat

Mixed lettuce, edamame beans, pickled red onion,

cold-smoked salmon. Serve with fresh bread

Price DKK 85

Truffle ham salat

Mixed salad, peeled mozzarella, rye bread chips, pieces

of truffle ham, sun-dried tomato and balsamic glace

 Price DKK 85

Country Market bowl

Mixed salat, edamame beans, carrots, ripped off mozzarella and rye bread chips.

Choose salmone, chicken or homemade tuna salat as topping.

Price DKK 90

Chacutteri plates

3 kinds of cheese, 3 kinds of meat / pâté, slightly different

accessories and bread

Price DKK 165

3 kinds of meat / pâté, salmon, tuna and salat and slightly different

accessories and bread

Price DKK 165

Salmon, homemade tuna salat, guacamole, salat and 2 kinds of cheese. 

different accessories and bread

Price DKK 165

Bagel with butter and cheese

Price DKK 45

Bagel with smoked sausage

Price DKK 45

For the sweet tooth

3 pieces of cake

Price DKK 70

The  best rum balls in DK from Nr. Aaby

 Price 4 pcs for 60 kr. 1 pc for 20 kr

Brunch   (Saturday from 10.00-12.30)

 Choose 5 parts for 99 kr  or  choose 7 parts for DKK 130* (* Excl. beverages)


Café: Welcome
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